Salsa is a red male 5 year old long hair Chihuahua dog.  Pet of the Week Date...Aug. 30-Sept 5, 2016.

It's Fair time again check out this awesome lineup September 1-4th!
Friday: Triumph's w/BJ & Roy Head
Saturday: Randy Rogers
Sunday: Charlie Pride & Gary Allan
Season Passes are $40 in advance!! Come by to purchase them & support the animal shelter & our Queen Belen Cerda. Passports to Fun are available for $75. Shelter contact: 979-966-0021 & Belen Cerda 979-208-8684.

Hunter Hahn donates his lemonade stand earnings to the Gardenia Janssen Animal Shelter again.  He set up at MAD Taxidermy in Ellinger July 12th & presented us with $730!!!  What an awesome young man!  Pictured with Niki Powell (GJAS Director) & Hunter Hahn and his new puppy he adopted when he dropped off his donation.

Hunter Hahn donates his proceeds to the Gardenia Janssen Animal Shelter for his Lemonaid stand his family has made for him. He set up in Fayetteville on Wednesday, July 6th and made $152. Pictured with Hunter Hahn is Baillie Powell (GJAS Animal Care Tech) donating his proceeds & adopting his new kitten with his Grandma Melissa Hahn. Also pictured is his lemonade stand. Special thanks to the Hahn family & keep a look out for Hunter as he continues to raise money.

Tanya Jameson from the Texas Women's League presents a $4,000 check to Niki Powell, Director of Gardenia E. Janssen Animal Shelter serving Fayette County Texas for CatNip/DogSnip program.

Check Picture Left to right:

David Laigle (Treasurer), Niki Powell (Exec. Director), Sandy Reed (Board of Director) & Pam Langford (Santa Paws Representative)

Round Top hosted a Santa Paws event 12-12-15 in Round Top & raised $3,211.65 for the shelter.  They had a pet parade & santa paws picture for the pets. 

The St. Johns Lutheran Churchwomen Rutersville had a cookie sale & donated the proceeds of $600.00 to the Gardenia E. Janssen Animal Shelter serving Fayette County Texas on May 25, 2016.


Back row left to right:

Harriet Machala, Lorali Schultz, Norma SoRelle, Carolyn Rotter & Margie Stardig

Front row left to right:

Darlene Weyand, Leatrice Scholtz & Niki Powell (GJAS Director)

La Grange High School Varsity Cheerleaders donate to the Gardenia E. Janssen Animal Shelter serving Fayette County Texas with their spirit chain fund raiser.  Pictured: Malyn Parker, Erin Supak, Serria Srubar, Katelyn McCourt, "LuLu" (Baillie Powell), Cami Braswell, Lauren Zbranek, Lindsey Gerik, Tori Hopson, Shelby Miertchen, Harley Latham & Niki Powell (GJAS Director).

Thank you to the Monument Hill Rehabilitation & Nursing Center for the Paws for the cause donation made to the Gardenia E. Janssen Animal Shelter!!
4-H Donates to Animal Shelter:
Recently Fayette County 4-H hosted a 4K Run/Walk on "One Day 4-H."  One Day 4-H is during National 4-H Week and is a day when all clubs/county 4-H programs participate in a Community Service project to benefit their community.  All proceeds raised from the 4K Run/Walk were donated to the Gardenia E. Janssen Animal Shelter, Texas 4-H Center, Brazos Valley Hospice and AMEN Food Pantry.
Hermes Elementary Second Grade Students donate to the animal shelter for Christmas.  The second graders & their teachers visited the shelter & sang Christmas Carols to the Staff & Pets while making their donation.

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