Adoption Requirements

Our adoption process is a simple one. Come by, fall in love with one (or more) of our adoptees, fill out an application, sign our contract (detailed below) and pay the adoption fee. Upon approval of your application, you can take your new friend home. We feel very strongly about all of the animals we place for adoption. Therefore, in order to adopt a pet from us you are required to adhere to some guidelines as set forth below.

  • All dogs and cats must be spayed or neutered if not already done so at time of adoption. No exceptions.

  • No large dogs will be adopted to apartment dwellers.

  • Renters must obtain a letter from their landlord stating they have permission to have a pet. 

  • If at any time, for any reason, you can no longer care for the pet you are adopting, you must return it to the Gardenia E. Janssen Animal Shelter. It cannot be given away or sold.

  • You must agree to provide humane care for the pet, including adequate water, food, shelter, sanitation, exercise, personal attention and veterinary care.

  • We make no guarantees or representations about the adopted animal's health or temperament.

  • Included in the adoption fee are one set of vaccinations, deworming, rabies vaccination & the animal spayed or neutered. Microchips are available for an additional $10.00. 

Surrender Fee:

  • Litter           $25

  • Canine        $20

  • Feline          $10

Reclaim Fee:

  • Per Animal  $25

Reclaim Rabies Vaccination:

  • Per Animal  $20

Reclaim Boarding:

  • Feline          $10

  • Canine        $15

Adoption Fee:

  • Dog             $65

  • Cat              $60

  • Pure Breed $100

Microchip Fee:

  • With Adoption $10.00

  • For The Public $40.00

Rabies Quarantine Fee:

  • Feline         $12.50

  • Canine        $15.50

City of La Grange - City Tag: $3.00

Senior Citizen Discount: $10 off adoption


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