Animals are his favorite people

That was a direct quote from Patrick by the way ! Patrick walked into the Animal Shelter last year and we all liked him right away. A little quiet and subtle but with a wonderful heart and a great sense of humor. He fit right in. He was also perfect for handling those meaty strong dogs that come in from time to time that just need some love and attention. Patrick is just the best and we are so lucky to work with him.

The Gardenia Janssen Animal Shelter is an amazing place with loving and dedicated employees and volunteers that care for the animals so much that you do not leave there feeling sad. You leave after a day of volunteering with a sense of hope and excitement.

Luckily we both took that giant step as I hope more of our Fayette County community will do to volunteer and give love and attention to our furry friends until they find their forever homes. We hope you will take that step. Here is his story:

My name is Patrick Ryan Smith

My wife and I moved to Fayette County in 2018. We are animal lovers and have 8 furry kids of our own to love and care for.  After volunteering a few weekends, we witnessed the kindness and phenomenal care GJAS provides each animal. 

In late 2019 I decided to apply for an Animal Care Technician position

and here I am!  I consider myself lucky to be a small part of everything this little shelter is doing to help save the lives of so many dogs and cats.

I find it extremely rewarding to witness the #freedomrides and happy faces of the folks that adopt.  It’s often an emotional yet gratifying experience being a part of reuniting dogs and cats with their families, seeing transport vans filled to capacity with pups and kits on their way to rescues and their new forever homes!!  

When you see an emaciated animal come in and then to witness and be a part of that animal making a full recovery, to be a part of that care and then a successful adoption, it’s an honor!  Our barn cat program gives a second chance to feral cats and they get to live out their days as happy farm mousers. Knowing I’ve played a role in building trust with a  frightened dog is beyond awesome! I am definitely proud to call myself part of this GJAS team.

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