Fostering Saves Lives

Updated: Jun 27

Many times we receive animals that are in need of special care - the kind of care a home environment can give. Overnight care, constant TLC and attention. Care that is difficult to be received in a shelter environment because we close for the evenings of course. And shelter staff and volunteers are so busy too! This is where our wonderful foster volunteers save lives.

For example here is a little girl that was found in the street, in the extreme heat. Some kind souls picked her up. She is maybe 4 weeks old or younger. Emaciated but with a distended belly. Upper respiratory infection that included infected eyes. They were stuck shut with oozing pus when I first saw her. And she has cuts and scrapes and little rough patches and scabs over her thin body with almost naked ears. A bad scrape on the side of one eye was swollen as well. And her little body was hot with fever. And to top all that off she has a bad case of hookworms. Severe hookworm infections can be fatal. They cause anemia and an indicator of anemia is the color of the gums of the animal - normal gums are pink. With anemia you'll see pale to white gums. Even severe flea infestations can be fatal because of the blood loss.

So she received hookworm medicine at the shelter. And medicine for her eyes. Soaking them first with a wet paper towel just so they could open and she could see! And antibiotics for the upper respiratory infection.

I took her home, set up a little apartment in a big cage for her. She slept. And slept.

And without the energy to even get up, she would wet right where she lay. When she got up and I fed her wet food and even pureed chicken baby food, she ate well and went right back to bed (with clean dry bedding).

The very next day she was a little stronger and started using the litter box. Every day she dutifully takes her medicine and lets me wipe her eyes and nose.

She is feeling so much better now. She loves to be held. She will bump my face with her nose and then hold a paw up and touch my face - every time I hold her. It fills my heart full to see her transform. And soon she will be a filled out, fluffy kitten ready for her forever home - so deserving of a long life of love and attention after the rough start she had. And as a foster, that’s a difficult part but also an awesome part. Goodbye is the goal in fostering!

Foster saves lives and at GJAS we do our best to eliminate the suffering of animals. We are able to do this day in and day out because of monetary donations large and small and because of our caring and dedicated staff and volunteers.

We named her Captain Marvel because she is a super hero.

If you would like to donate to our Medical Fund to help animals in need like Captain Marvel, click here for our donate page.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and Captain Marvel thanks you too.

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