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Updated: Mar 29, 2020

I will never forget the first day that I met Katy Adams and her 11 year old daughter Madi. They came to get their Porkchop Larry book signed at a shelter event and we took a picture together with her friend Hannah.

Fast forward a few years and we reconnected volunteering at the Animal Shelter. They were both in the cat room on the floor with kittens hopping and jumping and scrambling everywhere. Katy walked out to greet me and tried to hand me a kitten and I said "I am more of dog lover" Katy didn't care, she put this tiny little gray kitten on my shoulder and she just laughed and said "not anymore". I loved that about her. She's funny and kind and dedicated. She found her passion and a fantastic way to spend time with her daughter. Here is her story:

My name is Katy Adams and my 11 year old daughter is Madi. I own a healthcare consulting company. I spend my days managing money, people, and schedules; or consulting in healthcare facilities. I chose to spend my free time at the Animal Shelter. Madi and I prefer the feline shelter dwellers. I love that volunteering at the animal shelter is something she and I can do together. Sometimes we cuddle kitties; sometimes Madi reads with a shy cat on her lap and I sit in front of an open kennel with a terrified new comer; sometimes Madi pitches a tiny tennis ball, I hit it and the cats chase it like crazy; sometimes we clean up their mess. BUT we always walk away with full hearts and calmer souls.

We have also fostered mommies with babies. Currently we have a mommy and four three-week old kittens. After loving them in our home, it is challenging giving them up for adoption. There were tears! After we saw pictures of their new homes and how happy the new families were, there is a joy and happiness that far surpasses the initial sadness. I have volunteered for several different organizations, both professional and community. The animal shelter is by far the most rewarding. I am doing something I love, with my daughter and making a difference in animal’s lives. Thank you Gardenia Janssen Animal Shelter for the amazing opportunity!

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Join us for our annual St. Pet-rick's Day Adoption event being held at the Gardenia E. Janssen Animal Shelter. 

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Friday, March 13 at 4pm at the shelter to help set up for the Adoption event. 

Saturday, March 14 from 8am to 4pm at the shelter to help walk dogs, clean kennels, cuddle with the kitties, clean litter boxes and counter attendants.