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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Julie Springer and I met only a year ago, but it seems like a lifelong friendship. Years ago, Julie worked with my life-partner Michael, overseas and somehow ended up in Round Top.

The night we met, I walked up the steps to her quaint little farmhouse and there was my favorite bottle of wine, a crisp Sancerre. I knew I was going to like this chick. We talked for hours and the conversation has never stopped. We discovered a similar work background in marketing and website design, hers way more impressive since she has worked for major companies in some very dangerous and unusual parts of the world.

My marketing career was mostly in Dallas and Los Angeles although East LA could be a little sketchy.

I met Jack, a dog she rescued and adopted and brought back from Saudi Arabia. We talked about our love of marketing, animals, rescue organizations, fostering animals, donating to the Gardenia Janssen Animal Shelter and her desire to become part of the team. I invited her to the Gala to sit at my table and she was hooked!

I shared with her my idea about redesigning the website for the Animal Shelter and what the goals for the new site would be. Julie was all in.

Here are our stories:

I'm Ellen Hart. I have a background in Internet marketing, art and design. I live in La Grange, Texas, with my first kiss, Michael and our two dogs Porkchop Larry and Melvin.

Currently, I am a Realtor with Kuper Sotheby's selling Farm & Ranch Property. I also volunteer at the shelter on Fridays when I'm not out showing land, and I

devote as much time to the shelter as possible.

I wrote a book called "The Porkchop Diaries" to raise money for the shelter and to thank them for introducing me to the other love of my life, Porkchop Larry. He was a funny looking little guy with big ears and short little legs that people seemed to walk by in the shelter. Not your classic beauty. Here is a picture of me and Porkchop Larry on our first day home. The Porkchop Diaries is for sale at the shelter and all of the proceeds go to the shelter to help with their many needs. At a book signing, I met the staff and decided that I wanted to become more involved so I helped bring in Auction Items for the Gala and worked closely with Sandy Reed. That led to my effort to volunteer on Fridays when I am available and finally to offer my services in developing the new website with Julie Springer.

Julie Springer is an award-winning marketing and communications professional who consults from her home in beautiful Round Top, Texas. A fervent animal lover, Julie has worked with numerous animal rescue organizations around the world and is the happy owner of two rescue pups, Jack and Jagger. She volunteers at the Gardena E. Janssen animal shelter by providing marketing and website support and on some Sundays, she walks dogs. 

On the right is a picture of Julie and Jack. She saved him from a life of abuse on the streets of Saudi Arabia. It has taken a lot of patience and work to integrate him and socialize him.

"The moment I met Jack, I fell in love," says Julie. "I knew he would be challenging because he'd been hit by a car before and basically left for dead. He has a lot of post traumatic stress (PTSD), but I work with him and give him all the love I can."

He is very protective of Julie and adores her as you can see.

Jagger on the left is what we refer to as a Foster fail. Julie decided to foster Jagger after Austin Animal Rescue found him on the streets.

When I first met Jagger, he was in terrible condition with a skin infection, needed constant medication, care and attention. I fell in love with him right away and he is now part of her family. Last week she officially adopted him.

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