Two Harts are better than one!

I met Lisa and Michael through Real Estate a few years ago when we first moved out to the country. In fact, they sold us our home! We would see one another through business and yoga when I would drag myself to class, and always at the Homeward Bound Fundraiser. I truly had no idea how involved they were with the Gardenia Janssen Animal Shelter until I started seeing them on Sunday afternoon Volunteer 3:00 walk time. We would exchange friendly hello's and then we all grab dogs available for adoption and off we go. When it was time for my next profile, I thought of Lisa and Michael right away. After spending time on the phone with Lisa, I was not surprised to learn that they were part of the group that started this wonderful place. Here is their story:

My name is Lisa Hart Corker. My husband Michael and I own Hart Land Real Estate “on the square” in beautiful downtown La Grange TX. Our shelter involvement spans decades, going back to a time when a group of like-minded animal lovers got together with the idea of starting an animal shelter in Fayette County. The rest is history and look what a “pawsome” facility we now have! The staff and volunteers do such an outstanding job every day to make sure these abandoned and neglected animals have the best chance possible for a new life filled with HOPE!

We’re the lucky parents of 4 rescues, 2 cats, Gato Negro and Lil Katsy and 2 dogs, NOD and most recently HOPE.

Many of you already know N.O.D.

(NotOurDog/NowOurDog). He is affectionately referred to as “the Main Street Mascot” and you can find him any day of the week hanging out at our real estate office.

We were dogless for a couple of years but knew the time was fast approaching to add some canine love back into our home. Heeding Michael’s wise words, “when the time is right, a dog will find you” I patiently waited. Soon after those words were spoken, on our daily neighborhood walk, a big, skinny black dog came out of the woods and followed us home. It didn’t take long for NotOurDog to become NowOurDog (NOD).

At the end of March, on a particularly emotionally rough day I found myself on the floor of a kennel at our shelter with a big headed, emaciated, scarred and scared bulldog.

As I sat there overwhelmed with anxiety, crying like a baby this pitiful looking dog crawled up on my chest and licked the tears from my face. Yep, the time was right and HOPE found me!

I like to think that all God’s creatures have HOPE and thankfully our shelter does a wonderful job providing just that!

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Join us for our annual St. Pet-rick's Day Adoption event being held at the Gardenia E. Janssen Animal Shelter. 

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Friday, March 13 at 4pm at the shelter to help set up for the Adoption event. 

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