Wendie the Wonder Woman

Yep, she is going to hate that title for sure, but I really enjoyed putting that at the top of the post for today and all of us that work with Wendie Dillard feel that way about her. Wendie is an amazing and dedicated full time employee for the animal shelter. In fact she is so full time, that I have seen her show up on her days off when I was volunteering. She would come in to make sure that an animal that had arrived the day before that was frightened was doing OK or just to pitch in.

We met in June of 2014 when I came in to visit Porkchop Larry for the 2nd time while I was still considering adopting him. We liked each other right away. I chose a dog that had been over looked because he was not a classic beauty. He had gigantic ears and short little legs. Wendie owns a Corgi named Gizmo with similar ears and physique. Funny what can bond people together. She is hard working, quirky, funny and whip smart. Here is her story:

My name is Wendie Dillard. I’ve been working at the GJAS since 2006. I enjoy caring for the lost, abandoned, abused, neglected and discarded animals of Fayette County.

During my employment, I have been on the receiving end of over 20,000 dogs and cats. Each one so unique, but who share a similar story. 

I’ve always held an animal’s best interest close to my heart, so being able to be their voice has been very rewarding. 

Most people who bring their pets or strays to our shelter are completely oblivious to the stress an animal endures in a shelter environment. It’s an honor to be a part of a team that can assess the well being of an animal, monitor their progress, build their sense of security and find them the best home possible. 

Although I cannot take every one of them home, I have managed to adopt my own small colony of cats. 

In order to reduce the number of animals that come through our shelter, I feel that educating our community on the subject of sterilization is of the utmost importance. 

(Wendie saving a kitty trapped under a car at Walmart)

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